I write raps and spoken work but I don’t like to talk much and I express myself freely thro written not bitten language. Peace ✌️

Cumulative cold cases cute faces and pretty places not my neighborhood only grouchy men that have best friends to get all my ends

I don’t like being under minded as if I don’t know my business . I mind mines and there for .. b

But here is the cute micromanagement i get to inform anyone who thinks I’m cool because I have money to burn is thinking they’re cute with all the lute and got balls too because who would make her so rich so she became the target getting robbed online but the soft where was a puzzle it coded the lottery of the government grants to who was deserving according to the senses. They planted a chip in my digital frozen thumb print is the pattern to the map to the plans and temple of doom shit would Appear if I was shattered, broken, by faulty friends. Lives are important so is mine not cool with out nails fuck covid I need nails. Correct my Nail shop is important yes it is. Cord less is a life saver WiFi it s there life is expected charging my battery on my phone .. why ? Covid cordless video with cord is covid 18 . Code 18 chance the rapper still likez me because I’m not cheap . Z duck duck 🦆


Creating art It is my therapy . I don’t get mad Because I’m a artist with my words and rhyme about what happen avoiding the kill switch of the situation to keep cool temperature with the bees still buzzing migrating from to flower 🌸 to flower 🌺

  • Constructive criticism is a fancy put down

Being cool is more than just “swag“ giving up dap.

I’m a lady I expect to be treated like one I have boundaries that should not be overlooked or talked about and no body crosses my boundaries I put that in effect on my life . I’m still alive


I’m a artist and I explore my artistic talents thro different avenues of my life

I like to dance it’s my favorite art form and the most naturally rewarding one without validation from anyone