Well she got no tities.no boobs no lips or chin

Why she needs is to be paying attention to perceptual figure 8 shape . Well I try for perfect and rise up in my life to the end . Untill I am done wit it . It’s my life. Napping on my time sleep in my mind is part of my life not his to wake. Freez that Nappy mc call him king because he is front of me

like bus that won’t move out of my way or let me get away.

Yes I’m am Mc Queen like in the movie cars but Mattor is not loveable tow truck he is a villin. That’s Death to Social life !

My money is my social life

Who the fucks good at hair then ?

If not me I need to be informed of your new barber then ? You want me to to loose to hun?

Mr.Clean is look too My.clean is your if you want do it yourself Fred haircuts I only use to cut hair money

But homie think I’m nit worth shot I guess. Non of the ard oayi

customer. They all have hair

I’m not buy ing shig from them either thd homiex shit is not worth paying

For either of

Equivalent to my needs coming up is going up amc lol

up my income keeping me under control with 3 tear drops for every yearI lost waiting’s around to see my life change .

But I stay the same

Napping on a dream that was mine not happy to be awake crying for my hope and dreams if rapping are ready to bake I am not a batter up but do battle rap for fun

Nappy not my friend But more like a bully in my band like a Villin the hbo show tales from the crypt .

I’m not his ex or his bitch

I do t snitch on him I’m tell it how it is.

I B cool but all of the homiesi have met have abused a privilege that is me . Then try and punk me when I call niggaz out on fucking with y shit touch my grips making love with my chain with my old bitch now exit bitch fuck you up in a motel in front of nothing but ducks

Called out goose

But that bitch head screw is loose

She put Me in braids with nail glue in my hair yes she did. My hair is growing back nis I stopped braids by jay

Now how someone I was talking to turns across to be Brady’s new dude

Happy to see Brandy and Mons selling Pussy

but expect me to be free. Bitches better be on my income side wicking my nigga to pay for a Telly or did Nappy put out I’m not mad I was left out of the std party I mad that someone I liked was included in it

I have to cut him out now and Nappy too out

I love the New freezer song like mean it

throw up a peace sign and do a usefull things how about I get me my 100 bucks back fro your cousin. That walk away with if that day

Then we can call this the end of the road to us as friends

The bus is on a roll bus down thot. Who I am not but, I bus down better than you hoe!

bus is noe hells proud . Dr. Product Tory is a death sentence he give out th ex leAthol enjection pretending it’s a covid vax and DrProductory can stop stalking me , mis my name to . Calm me skip I. The rolodex . Bitch 187 is my weight I gain it to loose it . I will loose you too cool for school boo , poof be home on bus you gotone