Why is “fun “, broadcasting?

Why do I have to make aware of anyone area that I am going to part Tay ! That is the “fun “the brodcast? Why am I not secretly having fun. Because the fun should not be telling people about what I am doing ?

What sounds like the exclusive secretive clubs that no one talks about of knows about. 😏Inside My head is a couple that argues a lot . But reply to each other. I ask a question what ever it may be wondering about .. I remember my answer it was hidden in file somewhere in my mind

but the way I Demolish my feelings of not knowing my answer right away and why I’m even wondering the difference between a designer line and a guid line in For sample or demo I should not ask that question and what kind of rookie do great clips think I am with a 6 month HsA. Tripping . Foheeeeshz that manager was obviously a passive aggressiveness about my portfolio and stalk portrayed as a student not experienced in cutting the more gay I get about my skills the more competitive other stylist get. That notice what geek about that shit

Wto what I was asking myself 🥲 with how rude I treat myself ..

It’s like if Joker and Hairly Quin live in my head but I am just one Sajia . I have a crazy couple that live in my head and the bond they have is crazy enough to make me there 🧠baby girl Sajia That us why Hairly Quin was in the hospital fir such long time amd she forgot to tell baby daddy

Talking shit about the missing members and weighing the difference of self love and flat out rude .

That’s type of stuff sound fun . I bet oh yes fun fun fun sarcastic luck 🍀🏳️‍🌈🕡🕛4:20 .http://soundcloud.com/sajiaghias/sets/gLp

The sideshow is nit fun on blast also I’m not trying to get killed. With a lousy wheel handler swinging his whip the wrong way like sublime in a 187 is no no fun for me no .

But what is fun the hush hush fun. Nit the bun in the oven but happy to see you fun with no awareness of what’s about to happen ..soon to be come my reality l