I will be on Delaware st Supercuts this weekend tomorrow and Sunday like-normally

I missEd this last weekend that just passed and Thank you Marian for working without me and letting me go to Vegas . I had fun I lost all my money .

I’m ready to get back to work and earn it again.

For souvenirs I brought a nice 30 dollar bottle of pink wine in a cool looking bottle and it broke last night in my drive way before I got chance to gift my little sister Sena . I be wish I would have taken a picture of the bottle I look like it was glass ice cubes the base of the bottle bummer it broke

the struggle of making it is something for me to focus on and be less crazy and more valid to my life

I get to be crazy I guess because I don’t have problem to worry about.

The endless paper chase I make money currently in a new form of currency that static to my blunt magically magnetic to my mood would you deal with too.