SoundCloud not my clown ship? Bitch!

To whom it may concern Well Alexander Lejeinn, looking Kujo . No not me but you ! Foo.
You walked in sugenights nightmare on elements of what is invisible can’t hurt your philosophy of my blue prints to my Mac dre Amazon server Hmm. Can my Static love of vibe be the magnetic catch of the century or is it just me .
Night fall with your bald head or tell Nasir I need my spot on spring lake and I’m not happy bro .


and is different. QOW . Go Figure out what element that meant in the metric system and tell me if you think im a Russian ? Yes more that than Persian
for element I’m in the river of the imthe waterfall over the tree I know
The in and out of all casino games Oh yes am Pisces but I rather be a killer whale
Because this girl on fired i am hot 🥵
I got off the block
Back go Jenny on the block list
you on my streets and you trifling good for nothing type of brother what’s happening I’m gonna me find another . A baller real man to help me out ..